Welcome to the official website of the International Industrial Group «Stablid»!

Our specialization is direct supplies (turn-key) and complex technical assistance (tooling arrangement, spare parts, consumable materials, service) of metalworking equipment produced by leading machine-tool plants of Asia and Europe.

Exceptional responsibility and professionalism enable us to perform successful management of complex projects – from task assignment to start-up operations.

Supervising installation and commissioning works, diagnostic and recovery operations, technical consulting are inevitable constituents of rendered service backup.

Providing complex assistance of industrial systems of different manufacturers we choose and import only high quality machining attachments, circuit modules, electrical components, hydraulic units, mechanical elements.

The enterprise has status of excusive representative of leading Asian and European machine-building concerns within the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Today the team of Industrial Group «Stablid» is entrusted with the significant, long-range tasks. Preeminently, this entails modernization and qualitative renewal of industries, entrepreneurship and business support, attracting solid investments into production sector of Russia. All this helps to create new, modern workspaces and to enhance the quality of life and living standards of our compatriots.
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